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High-paced action game set in Mexico

Total Overdose is a Mexico-based action game where you, Ram Cruz, are sent over the border to find out who killed your father. View full description


  • Fun and action-packed
  • Bullet time
  • Special moves
  • Improve weapons with kills


  • Nothing really groud-breaking or new

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Total Overdose is a Mexico-based action game where you, Ram Cruz, are sent over the border to find out who killed your father.

This is a fun game that's packed full of vengeance, drama and gunfire. Total Overdose is an open-world shooter, a little in the style of GTA. You have your main mission, which will see you battling a variety of baddies, and you can also explore the border town you're based in, Los Toros, racking up points as you go along.

In his fight to find out the identity of his father's murderers, Ram Cruz is joined by his brother, Tommy. Total Overdose offers you a selection of weapons to do the job, and as you progress you'll get more and more arms as you take out the bad guys.

Total Overdose reuses the bullet-time technique, created by the Max Payne series, but it goes a step further and makes it even more original with the addition of "special moves". It might take you a little time to get to grips with them, but make the effort. In Total Overdose, it's an extreme case of kill - or be killed.

Fun, fast and bullet-filled, Total Overdose is excellent fun.

1989: Deep in the heart of the Mexican jungle, undercover agent Ernesto Cruz blasts his way through an armed militia to board a DEA plane bound for home. He never made it, the victim of an alleged "overdose."

Present Day: After uncovering new evidence, Ernesto's son, Ramiro is set free from jail to join his twin brother Tommy, on the trail of their father's killer as they go on a tequila-fueled rampage through Mexico's gun-toting, drug-pushing underworld.

This demo for the third-person shooter Total Overdose includes the introduction movie and the "Smash the Stash" mission. In the game you play as an DEA agent working undercover within a Mexican drug cartel.

Total Overdose


Total Overdose Demo

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